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Going to Sea in Style


The Sea has always held a fascination and thus sailing had an allure, but not simply dingy motoring or yachting about ~ oh no ~ when one of the two ship’s built to take disabled crew sailed into my home port I had to go take a look.  

I was hooked, more than that I was booked!  A one month voyage.

But this “Once in a lifetime, never to be repeated opportunity” was so exhilarating, it was repeated a further three times.  On the right you will find my full and frank [dis]Able Sea Persons Twig’s for some of the voyages.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust was set up with a grant from the Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee Trust in 1978.  The Charitable Trust had two purpose built square rigged ships taking a mix of ages, races and abilities out to sea across the whole globe.  Sadly in December 2023 the Trust was placed into administration with all voyages cancelled and the vessels to be sold. It wasn't due to lack of volunteers, or those eager to sail, not even sure if it was running costs. There are ongoing efforts to hopefully save one of these valuable vessels and set her on the seas again.

Sailing with them is one of the most exhilarating, exhausting, exciting, frightening, fabulous experiences ever.